International video premiere of "Manos Al Aire"

Nelly Furtado hits TV screens tomorrow with the brand new video of the lead single of her 4th studio album and first completely in Spanish, “Mi Plan”, set for release on September 15, 2009.New Nelly Furtado’s brand new video “Manos Al Aire” will reach millions of households tomorrow in the US, Latin America, and Europe via MTV.

The video was filmed in Toronto, Canada a month ago, and clearly reflects the idea that Nelly had in mind when writing this song: “Manos al Aire" which is a heartfelt account of romantic vulnerability and surrender for the sake of true love. At the beginning, the video shows a fully armed Nelly in her jeep filled with weapons and war gear in a symbolic display of emotional clutter and self defense mechanisms.
Driving down the street in her jeep, the viewer soon realizes that Nelly is not involved in a real war, but rather one of the heart. As the video progresses, it has a dramatic turn of events and an analogy of images where Nelly tosses away her "emotional" weapons, and personal belongings, as she proceeds to get off the vehicle and walk down the street, slowly getting rid of all her protective gear, wallet, purse, clothes… in essence, her ego. Completely vulnerable and almost stripped to the bare, Nelly reaches her boyfriend's front door, who opens and greets her with the same open, clean and defenseless attitude.

Nelly Furtado has sold over 18 million albums in her career, has received numerous international awards, and has reached Platinum status in over 31 countries. After her past studio album, “Loose”, which was the No. 1 international top seller in 2007, Nelly is back with her first album completely done in Spanish, emphasizing the global, diverse and unique approach of her music.
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