Prince loved Toronto and Nelly Furtado

Prince loved Toronto.
He said so himself in an interview in 2004. That was around the time he recorded an album, bought a house and reportedly went canvassing for the Jehovah's Witnesses, all in the Toronto area.


Prince went out of his way to mention to the media how much he admired Nelly Furtado — the Canadian singer who scored a monster international hit with I'm Like A Bird in 2001.

It appeared the feeling was mutual, as Furtado, who had relocated to Toronto from the Canada's West Coast, sang over a sample of When Doves Cry early in her career.

He followed through on his professional crush on Furtado by inviting her on his Toronto summer tour stop in 2004. She performed an unannounced set at the Air Canada Centre for his sold-out shows there.

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