What the main characters from "Um Encontro com o Destino" think about Nelly Furtado's participation

Nelly Furtado, singer and Portuguese-Canadian actress, also makes a small cameo in the film. The actors said they had considered several names for this participation but Nelly was a great choice because "she's very proud of her roots and that was very important."

Source: ACTIVA

Jeannette Sousa told to "Grande Tarde" she didn't know Nelly presonally and Jeannette invited her to make part of this filme through various conversations by email. "Nelly was very friendly and a big supporter of our film. Actually, for me it was a great joy to work with Joaquim and Nelly!", told Jeannette, the main actress of the film.

"For me it was also a great joy because it was a big surprise [working with Nelly Furtado]!", adds Joaquim de Almeida.

Source: GRANDE TARDE, SIC (minute 14:00)

"Nelly Furtado invites you to watch "Um Encontro Com o Destino" [Audio]": HERE

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