Nelly Furtado | "The Portuguese descendants should be proud of their roots" ["Lusa" Interview]

The Canadian singer of Portuguese origin, Nelly Furtado, said the Portuguese descendants should be proud of their roots.

The young Portuguese descendants "must follow their dreams, celebrate their differences, their joy, their roots and their families (...) being proud of them", Nelly said.

In addiction, Nelly said she is the person who she is thanks to her "roots and the Portuguese descent public around the world" because they are "a great encouragement" to her career.

"I am very proud to be Portuguese," she told to Lusa. "It is an important part of me," Nelly said.

"Since my childhood I love the culture, language, dance, festivals" from Portugal. And although Nelly sings in English, she confesses that her music has "many Portuguese influences" what makes Nelly proud.

The decoration in 2014 with the award of the Order of Infante D. Henrique was an honor for the singer.

Source: RTP | Notícias
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