Nelly Furtado | Blick Interview 2014

During Nelly Furtado's visit in Zurich week ago Nelly's talked to Blick but unfortunately I cannot understand what it is written! Is anyone can translate some important and relevant thing that Nelly said in this interview?
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November 3, 2014 at 3:12 PM ×

Important facts:
She's not good at iceskating, although she likes figureskating and icehockey.
She likes to kiss Christiano Ronaldo ;-) and Eminem. But with Eminem it would be even better to do a record together.
She is down to earth because she was never that healthy and rich and had gone through some hard times in the past. E.g. overweight as teen, depressive at 17 to 20. But now all is fine with her and her husband and her child.
Nowadays luxury is not to count every penny. But its not that she is wasteful. Materialistic things just make it complicated. Before she moved into a little house she lived in big mansions. But its much better to leave your little house, go into the forrest and spend half of your day in the nature than spending money to senseless things.
No playboy. Although she likes to be in the spotlight on the stage, she is not an exhibitionist.
How did you changed in the past 10 years? She takes an eye on her health. During the 2007 Get Loose Tour she had a nervous breakdown because career seems to be all for her, no regeneration at all. Now the family and an organized life is worth the most. She is not that self-critical anymore, feels calm and lucky how it is now. Women are getting better when older!
Goals for the future? Win awards because for her daughter she gets cooler with every award.

November 3, 2014 at 7:06 PM ×

Thank you rememberthedays! :)

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