Nelly Furtado on Singing in Portuguese: "I Would Like to Explore a Brazilian Pop Album"

 Last night singer Nelly Furtado performed an intimate show in New York celebrating the upcoming release of her new album The Spirit Indestructible as part of the Self Rocks The Summer, a concert presented by Self Magazine and Essie.

Wearing a classy vintage floral knee-length dress, the songstress told Latina about her future desire to record a full-length Portuguese album, which already has sparked one track: a single in Portuguese that will be released on Valentine’s Day 2013.

“I just recorded a song in Portuguese yesterday actually with David Foster and Andrea Bocelli for Andrea Bocelli’s new album. We did the Portuguese classic song ‘Corcovado,’” said Nelly.

“In the future I would like to explore a Brazilian pop album and then in the more further future a more traditional Portuguese album. I can see it coming together in the next couple of years.”

Furtado attributes most of the inspiration on The Spirit Indestructible, which will be released September 18, to her charitable work with Feed the Children in Africa and her experiences while working with the people there for the past two years.

“Meeting the kids and family was so inspiring and feeling joy for the first time within the community. I infuse a lot of that joy into this record. We call this album a friendly punch in the face. It’s impactful but the music makes you feel good.”

She said the album's sound is a combination of her previous work including like her dance tracks on the mega hit album Loose.

“Some of the sounds [on The Spirit Indestructible] are like really tough beats, like songs that make you want to move your body. The first album had that playful side, and the second album had some elements of folklore, which is more the emotional side of the music. I think I mixed it quite well on this record.”

While working with the people of Kenya, Furtado said she was also to dive into another aspect of creativeness with a fashion line.

“Fashion does interest me,” Furtado said. “The Maasai women of Kenya do beading circles to make jewelry and we made a special tank top and all the money goes to a high school we’re building.”

“That’s my fashion line, one tank top,” Nelly laughed.

If that weren’t enough for one person to take on, Furtado will soon be on the road as well.
“I am gonna be touring in South America in November and then the whole world starting in January 2013. And I’ll be in Asia in August.”
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