Nelly Furtado | Myspace Interview

Nelly Furtado Talks Her New Album, Musical Influences, the Importance of Hoop Earrings and More!

Nelly Furtado hasn’t released an English-language album since 2006, but that changes September 14th with The Spirit Indestructible. Until then, you can check out the first single, ‘Big Hoops’ (Bigger the Better). We sat down with Furtado to talk about her new album (which she describes as a “throwback to Woah, Nelly!”), what it’s like to hear her songs on the radio (specifically ‘I’m Like a Bird’), her musical influences, and the importance of hoop earrings. And of course, we couldn’t let her leave without hearing a little bit of her beautiful singing voice.
Myspace and Nelly Furtado

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