Nelly Furtado's New Album "A Celebration"

Nelly Furtado fans already got a taste of her forthcoming album with the funky, urban single "Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)," but Furtado said that the new work will be a juxtaposition of a lot of different sounds and textures. The album is dubbed The Spirit Indestructible, and it's due in September.

"It's been about two or three years in the making, but usually when you spend that much time, it ends up being something you're quite proud of," Furtado told Rolling Stone. "I think it's important to take breaks between albums, to live life and experience things, because my albums are so personal. The album sounds, though, incredibly fun, and it's sort of a juxtaposition of a lot of things – playful vocals with really heavy beats. There's this innocence with this sort of wisdom in a lot of the themes. There's of course the title - The Spirit Indestructible. There's a bit of spirituality going on, but it's mixed with youth, fun, a bit of novelty, a bit of nostalgia, and just celebration, really." 

Furtado also is particularly excited about her collaboration with Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos, as she was a big fan of the band before they worked together. "We got hooked up through a friend, and I already loved their album. When somebody suggested [working with] him, I was like, 'oh my God, yes!," Furtado raved. "We met one day in L.A. Mike and I were working one day writing a song called 'Circles' which is featured on my album - one of my favorites. His production sound is this whole combination of analog keyboards and heavenly, beautiful sounding vocals."

Furtado added that she is currently making tour plans, which will begin in Latin America in the fall. Most of her North American touring will happen in 2013.

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