Nelly Furtado: I remind my daughter Kate Middleton goes to the bathroom like everybody else

The singer explains how she tries to keep things real

Singer Nelly Furtado tries her best to keep her 8-year-old daughter Nevis as grounded as she can.
She doesn't want her to think that Kate Middleton and Prince William's romance is the perfect start to an ideal and magical life.
'Now I'm a mother, I also see the love story between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge through my daughter's eyes,' says Nelly.
'I remind her that even princesses go to the bathroom, just like everybody else.
'It's my job to keep it a little bit real!'
Nelly, 33, wants Nevis to believe boys and girls are equal.
'Even at her school they look at why princesses in stories are always getting saved and don't have jobs,' she tells You magazine.
'I grew up in a feminist household and I want to pass that on to my daughter.'

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