Want to be in the new K’Naan ft. Nelly Furtado Music Video?

SALES CLERK - Male, any ethnicity, age 35 to 45. The clerk checks his watch while looking at Mary who is browsing through magazines (for what seems to be an hour) and asks her to leave store (PAY’S $250.00)

PIZZA DELIVERY BOY - Male, any ethnicity, age 18 to 25. Average guy doing his job. Must have valid drivers license. (PAY’S $250.00)

FATHER - Male, any ethnicity, age range early to late 40′s. He is wrapped up in his own world of adult problems and stress. No talking, No bonding. Drugs contribute to the father’s lack of parenting. (PAY’S $250.00)

DRUG DEALER - Male, any ethnicity, age 18 to 25. He sells drugs from the back door of his burger job and makes home deliveries. (PAY’S $250.00)

If interested, you must submit in order to be invited in to audition. Please e-mail the following to: info@jigsawcasting.com
1. Your name, role and age
2. Resume and Photos: headshot and full body shot
3. Your primary and secondary contact information
4. Please write ‘PROJECT K’NAAN’ in subject line of e-mail, along with your name, role and age. (E.G. “Project K’NAAN-John Smith-FATHER-age 43”)

Submissions are due by: TUESDAY JAN 31ST @5PM
You must be available for these key dates: AUDITION: WEDNESDAY FEB 1ST RECALL: FRIDAY FEB 3RD SHOOT: FEB 7TH AND 8TH (ONE DAY ONLY)

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