Nelly Furtado | Youth should leave inspired: Furtado, "Metro Toronto"

B.C.-born songstress Nelly Furtado has come a long way since her first hit, I’m Like a Bird, soared up the charts around the world back in 2000.

Despite the fame and fortune that quickly followed, the Grammy and Juno award winner still finds time in her hectic schedule for charitable endeavours.

Furtado will perform on Sept. 27 during the We Day event at the Air Canada Centre, hosted by Nina Dobrev, star of the hit series The Vampire Diaries, and musician Joe Jonas.

“We Day is a fantastic, fresh, modern event with a focus on the future, positivity and youth engagement,” Furtado told Metro. “It’s a meeting ground for thousands of youth that want to change the world.”

Furtado says that being a mom also influenced her to be more involved in events like We Day.

“The moment I became a mother, I felt like I was part of the global tribe of mothers, and I believe mothers have so much power as role models for their children and also as healers of the planet.”

Young people attending We Day should come away inspired, adds Furtado.

“I would like the youth at We Day to go home feeling energized and brave. It takes bravery to be a true individual, and it’s a life long quest — but the younger we start the better!”

Source: Metro
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