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Nelly Furtado Explores Human Relationships in Exclusive Look at 'The Night Is Young' Video
In Nelly Furtado's newest video for the song 'The Night Is Young,' viewers are catapulted into a carefree world full of energy, self-expression, love and most of all, freedom. In this exclusive clip from the shoot, Furtado and video director Alan Ferguson reveal the deeper meaning behind the video's message.
The video, which was filmed in Toronto, pictures the pop songstress in a world full of intertwining relationships. It features a variety of people alongside Furtado as they let loose while making their way to an epic party.

With characters like rollerskating angels, a young couple in love, and break-dancing b-boys, the video is meant to show the various bonds life offers us and how these bonds are formed. "We see all these people from different walks of life making a pilgrimage to a special place, a special party," said director Alan Ferguson.

Furtado goes into more detail about the meaning behind the song and it's video. "So basically the song 'The Night Is Young' is not necessarily a love song, it's about relationships in many different forms," Furtado says. "It's about celebrating, reminiscing ... and having a good time and enjoying life."

'The Night Is Young' is one of the new tracks that will be included on Nelly's greatest hits album 'The Best Of Nelly Furtado,' which is due out on Nov. 23. Watch the behind-the-scenes video: Click Here
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