Challenge #1 : Takin' Nelly Bajo Otra Luz!

• Number of participants: minimum 2 up to 10
• You need to download and print the photo of Nelly that is located in the FAN CLUB CHALLENGE album. You may find this picture on : Facebook, Website, MySpace, BestFan, Univision and iLike!
• Then, you will invite Nelly )the picture) to 4 different places. On each place you must take one photo!
• Get creative and invite her to : eat, to the park, to a mall, to ride a bike, etc!
• Pictures must be taken under different types of lights ex: under the sun, during the day, at night, under flashing lights, open and close spaces, etc
• Keeping in mind that Nelly is very famous and recognized, you must take and additional 2 photos with random people who may also like or recognize Nelly on the street! The picture must be of the person and Nelly Together!
• The images must clearly show the group participants and Nelly's printed photo at each place!
• You must submit a total of 6 pictures (per fan club)

Send your pics to:
Subject line: #1 Fan Club Challenge
You must include: names of the fans who participated , name of the fanclub and country

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