New Nelly Furtado single “Bajo Otra Luz” finds the grammy winner at love in a different light

A Vocal Duet With Acclaimed Alternative/Hip-Hop Artist Mala Rodriguez, “Bajo Otra Luz” Goes To Radio This Week As The Third Single From Nelly Furtado’s Widely-Praised First Spanish Language Album “Mi Plan”

After leading all global music sales such as Nelly Furtado did with Loose in 2007, there are many roads open for an artist to explore. With strong roots in Latin romance languages from her Portuguese heritage, and collaborations with Juanes and Calle 13 already to her credit, Nelly Furtado developed a natural love for Latin music and followed her creative path toward producing her first all-Spanish language album Mi Plan. With a chart-topping debut for both the album and its lead single “Manos Al Aire," wide critical praise as “her strongest album yet,” and her just completed first tour of Latin America, Furtado has been quickly embraced by Latin music fans around the world. Simultaneously, Nelly has helped introduce wider international audiences to many of Latin music’s leading voices through collaborations on Mi Plan with Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Fernandez, Concha Buika, Alex Cuba and more.

Furtado’s creative immersion in Latin pop and mutual respect for pioneering colleagues may actually be best represented by Mi Plan’s new radio single “Bajo Otra Luz”. Composed by multiple Latin Grammy winner Julieta Venegas, the song features an engaging duet between Nelly and alternative/hip-hop innovator Mala Rodriguez on how personal perception can change with the different light created by new love. As “Bajo Otra Luz” is serviced this week to Spanish radio outlets around the world, stay-tuned for details shortly on the second leg of the Mi Plan 2010 tour coming up this summer. ....

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“An album of supremely catchy, hemisphere-hopping Spanish-language pop… Switching languages hasn’t changed Ms. Furtado’s pop knack…. Furtado works with some of Latin pop’s leading figures, but [her] own sensibility is never eclipsed... the songs stay bright, friendly and heartfelt” – The New York Times ....

“Nelly Furtado makes smart entry into Latin music market… working in Spanish invigorated her creatively, opening up a more personal and emotional style of songwriting” – Miami Herald

“Fusing together cultures, [Mi Plan] is assured and cohesive… bouncing elegantly from barbed, alt rock guitars to electro synths to grand, gorgeous ballads. It says quite a bit about Nelly Furtado’s ambitions and skill when her Spanish [work] winds up being arguably her strongest album yet.” – All Music

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May 14, 2010 at 5:36 PM ×

I'm really curious how it will be like. I mean the video. Three girls... and now this photo.

Selamat nellody dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...
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