Singers Challenge Lily Over Download Debate

Some of the world's top female singers have told Sky News they disagreee with Lily Allen's call to crack down on illegal file-sharers. Shakira, Norah Jones and Nelly Furtado have added their weight to the ongoing crisis in the music industry about whether or not fans should be able to listen to music for free.
When asked about Allen's recent outburst on the subject Shakira insisted she embraced the inevitable sharing of her songs.
"I like what's going on because I feel closer to the fans and the people who appreciate the music," she explained.
"It's the democratisation of music in a way, and music is a gift. That's what it should be, a gift."

Songwriter Norah Jones agreed she was less concerned about illegal downloads than others but conceded she was in a better place than some smaller artists might be. "If people hear it I'm happy. I'm not going to say go and steal my album, but you know I think its great that young people who don't have a lot of money can listen to music and be exposed to new things," she said. "But I also understand it's not ideal for the record industry, and a lot of young artists who won't make any music off their album sales, but at least they can tour." While it seems unlikely that the star's record companies would agree, many top-selling artists are clearly in a much stronger financial position.

Indeed Allen's recent blogs on the subject voiced her concern for younger bands, struggling to make ends meet - although Nelly Furtado believes dedication will always win through.
"If you love music you're going to make it anyway," she told Sky News. "You'll find an audience, and you may not make like millions of dollars but you'll make enough to have a house and a family and a car. I don't know though, maybe the clock is ticking."

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October 19, 2009 at 4:11 PM ×

Nelly is absolutely right. The music is created from peoples for peoples. Its not made for somebody's profit.

Selamat Stanimir dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...
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