Nelly Furtado’s Just-Released New Album “Mi Plan” Is Already Topping Sales Charts & Winning Resounding Critical Praise

The Grammy Winner’s First All-Spanish Album Instantly Debuted At #1 On Both the iTunes and Amazon Latin Music Charts And Is Heralded As “An album of supremely catchy, hemisphere-hopping Spanish-language pop” (NY TIMES) And “Arguably her strongest album yet” (All Music)

After Topping All Global Music Sales in 2007, Furtado Has Returned With A Natural Exploration Of Her Passion For Musical Expression in Spanish. Once Again Demonstrating Nelly’s Range of Collaborative Abilities, “Mi Plan” Finds Her Working With Many Of Latin Music’s Most Innovative Stars, Such As Juan Luis Guerra, Julieta Venegas, Alejandro Fernandez, Mala Rodriguez, Buika and More.

The Album’s First Single - “Manos Al Aire” (Hands in the Air)- Has Already Reached #1 On Billboard’s “Hot Latin Songs” Chart

A Small Sample Of The Critical Praise Already Arriving For Nelly Furtado’s “Mi Plan”:

“Nelly Furtado has decided to put out an album of supremely catchy, hemisphere-hopping Spanish-language pop, ‘Mi Plan’… Switching languages hasn’t changed Ms. Furtado’s pop knack… Ms. Furtado and her collaborators treated this album as an opportunity to try pop versions of regional styles and to work with some of Latin pop’s leading figures… But Ms. Furtado’s own sensibility is never eclipsed… the songs stay bright, friendly and yet heartfelt, awaiting the singalongs they invite in Ms. Furtado’s latest language.”- Jon Pareles, The New York Times

“…fusing together cultures with a hazily spiritual undertow works well on an album like this, which is pitched at a Latin audience but never feels like a niche throwaway by a superstar. Instead, [Mi Plan] is assured and cohesive… bouncing elegantly from barbed, alt rock guitars to electro synths to grand, gorgeous ballads. In fact, it says quite a bit about Nelly Furtado's ambitions and skill when her Spanish detour winds up being arguably her strongest album yet.” – All Music

“Nelly Furtado makes smart entry into Latin music market… Nelly Furtado's musical career has been filled with drastic changes…Now Furtado is back with a new sound and a new identity -- Latin songstress… Furtado, a thoughtful musician who writes her own songs, found that working in Spanish invigorated her creatively, opening up a more personal and emotional style of songwriting… the tone on Mi Plan is intimate, thoughtful [and] romantic.“ – Miami Herald

“With songs that appeal to melodic sensibilities rather than rhythmic contraptions, [Mi Plan] is a mix of vulnerability and earnestness… the album balances intimacy with commercial appeal…[Furtado] does it with an appealing freshness that defies the formulaic” - Billboard, Spotlight Review

“Mi Plan is delivered with style and an unerring ear to the best that Latin pop has to offer. “– (About Laitn Music)

“Check out Nelly Furtado's new single, Manos Al Aire (Hands in The Air), We LOVE it!!!!! Love love love!” – Perez Hilton

“On ‘Mi Plan,’ [Nelly Furtado] creates an all-Spanish-language disc…. it’s a savvy move as the Portuguese-Canadian artist is clearly going to find a new audience… [the album] works as Furtado bridges pop sensibilities with Latin music. Of course, it’s a song cycle about love and she sings about deep passion. Her duets with Alejandro Fernandez (the gentle, lovely “Sueños’’) and Josh Groban (“Silencio’’) bring out the purity in Furtado’s vocals and are some of her most relaxed performances. The album also shows that she doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of pop production. The music here is lush or spare when necessary. More singing in this context makes her shine more brightly. The best songs are understated (“Como Lluvia’’ with Juan Luis Guerra is a standout), but the upbeat tracks aimed at club remixes (“Fantasmas’’) also achieve liftoff. Obviously, Furtado had a plan and executed it well. “ – Boston Globe

“ Canadian singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado has embraced her Latin roots -- and the Latino music market -- with the release of her first Spanish language album, "Mi Plan."- Reuters

“Nelly Furtado's 'cool' reinvention” – Press Association

“Singer Nelly Furtado is trying to cross over in a direction many artists don't ordinarily take”-CNN

In Conjunction With The Release of “Mi Plan,” Look For Nelly Furtado Next:

Performing “Manos Al Aire” at the 2009 Alma Awards – Friday, September 18, 2009 8/7c on abc
Performing “Manos Al Aire” on Conan O’Brien - Friday, September 18, 2009 11:30 / 10:30c on nbc
Co-NHost of the 2009 MTV Latin American Awards – Thursday, October 15th

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