Nelly Furtado Releases 3rd track as part of the iTunes “Countdown To” promotion: “BAJO OTRA LUZ”

Nelly Furtado Releases 3rd track as part of the iTunes “Countdown To” promotion: “Bajo Otra Luz”, featuring Julieta Venegas and La Mala Rodríguez
“Bajo Otra Luz” is included in “Mi Plan”, Nelly Furtado’s fourth studio album and first completely done in Spanish, due for international release on September 15th

iTunes, the world's #1 online music store, kicked off on July 21st the "Countdown To" promotion with Nelly Furtado's upcoming album "Mi Plan", in an innovative move within the Latin Genre.

The promotion offers three exclusive pre-album release tracks from "Mi Plan", due to launch on September 15th. The first two tracks released on the promotion were “Mas” and “Mi Plan” (featuring Alex Cuba), songs which have had great reception. Today, the 3rd and final track, “Bajo Otra Luz”, featuring Mexican singer songwriter, Julieta Venegas, and the talented María “La Mala” Rodríguez from Spain is released as part of the iTunes “Countdown to” promotion.

The three artists met at the recording studio in Miami and Nelly was very pleased to count with both guest stars: “Everything I love about music, Julieta’s music has; I felt very honored that she gave me this song”, commented Nelly. Nelly was equally as excited about the collaboration with La Mala Rodriguez, as she hadn’t had the chance to meet her before. “When La Mala got in front of the microphone, wow! I was so surprised!”, Nelly expressed. The studio session was a great experience for the three artists, not only did they record an amazing track, they had fun doing it and getting to know a little bit more about one another along the way.

“I was so excited to hear Nelly singing a song I had written at my home, I’ve always admired her unique style and powerful voice”, commented Julieta. Before going back to Spain, La Mala said: “It has been such a pleasure being part of this song; we had a great time together”. iTunes Countdown To promotion has allowed Nelly’s fans to learn a bit more about her upcoming album “Mi Plan”, to be released internationally on September 15th. Purchase one of the “Countdown To” tracks and buy Nelly Furtado’s album, “Mi Plan” within the first two weeks of its release and receive an exclusive track.

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