Nelly Furtado | How "Mi Plan" started

Now that "Mi Plan" is out and I have been able to share it with you guys, I go back and think how interesting the creation process is. I personally can only write if I am inspired, and the inspiration for this album was my daily life and everyday moments. I would go to the studio and meet with Lester Mendez or Alex Cuba and James Bryan and they would play a track for me and based on what had happened in my day the melodies would start flowing and words or images would come to my head, I would then sit with Alex or Lester and finish the lyrics to the melodies that the feeling of the song inspired me. Someday I would love to show you guys how the melodies are born and then you can compare it with the finished song....I don't know just felt like sharing that with you!

It would be really nice to know where your inspiration come from, not just for music, but for everything you do in life!!

I'm gonna look for some recordings of the making process of each song, maybe i can share them with you guys, i'd really love to show you that awesome experience of expressing and putting into words my feelings and my life...
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