Enjoy "Mi Plan" before the world premiere!

On 12th September you can enjoy "Mi Plan". The full album will be available for you to listen at Nelly's myspace.com.
"Mi Plan" on digital version will be available Sept. 14 at Amazon.com for USD 2.99. Only 14 September!
We know that some songs are on unofficial sites but remember that we must support Nelly and her excellent work.

Nelly on Walk of Fame
Nelly Furtado, Gordon Lightfoot musician and actress Rachelle Lefevre are among the presenters of Canada's Walk of Fame Gala this weekend.
Nelly will present the Walk of Fame of the children's author Robert Munsch.

Nelly go for her tonges!
MTV LA 09 Awards have nominated "Manos Al Aire" for the two most important awards given at this event, Song of the Year and Video of the Year.Do not forget to support Nelly at the MTV vote here for:
Video of the Year
Song of the Year
This ceremony will be held in several U.S. cities and Latin America, including Bogota and Los Angeles.

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