Nelly Furtado Went On 'Musical Journey' For Mi Plan Album

'On this fourth album, I got a lot more skills,' singer says of Spanish-language LP.

Nelly Furtado may have found commercial success with her last album, Loose, thanks to hits like "Maneater" and "Promiscuous," but the Canadian songstress found that while working on her follow-up, Mi Plan, she preferred writing songs in Spanish over English.

"I think that sometimes I'm limited when I write in English, but I found a real freedom writing in Spanish," she told MTV News. "It felt really different. It made me excited about pop again."
She added that she wanted to abandon the dance-pop vibe of her last record and try a different sound. "I think after Loose I was kind of bored of writing English pop songs. I'd go to the studio and try and write in English, but the inspiration wasn't really coming. My creative well felt really dry."

Instead of abandoning the idea of making another album altogether, she decided to just abandon the English language. "So I went to the Spanish stuff and I don't know ... it just kept coming," she explained. "Every day we'd write a new song and it led me to this river and basically an ocean."

According to Furtado, Mi Plan has been a real "musical journey." "I got to work with all these exciting artists from the Latin world ... I try to learn something with each album, like anybody that has a job. And for me as a musician, my job is to get better as a musician — so on this fourth album, I got a lot more skills."
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