Fritz Helder and the Phantoms talk Nelly Furtado

What’s it like having Nelly Furtado as your boss? The talented guys and gal of Fritz Helder and the Phantoms know, since they’re the first act signed to Nel’s recently launched indie record label Nelstar. The Phantoms’ live shows are notorious for being highly theatrical explosions of dance, fashion and electro-pop, so we’re excited to find out what this partnership will bring.

Group members Fritz and Pastel Supernova spoke to MuchNews to give us the lowdown on what it’s like being on the road with Nelly (they were both dancers on her world tour) and what separates them from their new boss.

What was it actually like being on the road and dancing for Nelly Furtado?
FRITZ: For me, it was a life-changing experience. It was like the education that you just can’t pay for. We got to see the ins and outs of how an international pop star does it.

Musically, what have you learnt from Nelly?
FRITZ: I feel like she’s so creative and she’s so open to other people’s influences.PASTEL SUPERNOVA: The parties aren’t that fabulous. You really do have to take care of yourself on tour. It catches up real fast.FRITZ: To warm up your voice.

What are some of these vocal warm-ups you do?
FRITZ: Just like lip trills and your hot tea and the scarf. Vocally, our range isn’t as crazy as Nelly’s but it’s always good to keep things warm and loose and lubricated.

Is it a little scary signing to a new label that’s just getting feet right now?
FRITZ: It’s incredibly scary. Well, Nelly is known around the world, has a distinct brand, and we don’t want to mess that up, so yeah it’s kinda scary.
PASTEL SUPERNOVA: We are nothing like Nelly Furtado music, just to make that clear though. I think that might be a confusion at first for people, being like: “Yay, more singer/songswriters!” But we’re not like that.
FRITZ: We’re about gyrating and sweating (laughs)

[Photo by Geoffery Knox]
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