Nelly Furtado | Jamaica 2008

Nelly Furtado will go to the Jamaica
By interview with her manager Chris Smith :
KJ: Tell us about this upcoming concert you plan to have here in Jamaica with Nelly Furtado
CS: Nelly will be coming down for a concert to raise funds for music education here in Jamaica. She's been wanting to come to perform in Jamaica for sometime now. She 's also right in the mix because she has done her dub plates for Swatch International, she has done reggae remixes of most of her hits, and she has worked with Courtney John.
KJ: How difficult or challenging has it been to manage an international pop star like Nelly Furtado?
CS: It's a challenge to maintain her business structure. She is a diamond seller and she has outsold a lot of artistes. She is really big globally and we have a massive team of people who work with her. We have a dedicated stylist, make-up person, security, road manager, tour manager and production manager. She even has a favourite pilot for her private jet.

Source: eyal from Bits
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