Pre-Order Lisa Furtado's new book "Pop Rock Cop"

Pop Rock Cop

Lisa Furtado upcoming novel is inspired by a true story; how Amalia, a very talented young Portuguese-Canadian performer, dealt with and overcame significant adversity that threatened to end her life & music career.

Before her rise to musical success she naively decides to become a police officer at 22...

This novel is a story of inspiration – how perseverance, patience, hard work, a strong belief in oneself and the love and support of family and friends will always win out over deceit and deception.

It’s a never-give-up true story which includes heartbreak, drama, excitement, humour, love and ultimately achieving ones dreams and goals to make a difference in the world.

👉Pre-Order your personalized book [Limited 100 copies due to Lisa nomadic life and not staying in one place for too long- she'll shipping the physical signed copies worldwide when she's back in Taiwan  upon release date- April 9]

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