Nelly Furtado: Go Behind The Scenes Of Her New 'Manos Al Aire' Video

Nelly Furtado is BACK! Do you KNOW how long I've waited to type those words? Not that Nelly ever fell off hard -- since her 2006 album, Loose, she's collaborated with James Morrison and Flo Rida, started her Nelstar label and signed the hypnotic Fritz Helder And the Phantoms, and she's been busy raising a family and apparently only getting more gorgeous and even more grounded. If she weren't both of those things, you'd almost wanna hate her. But don't hate, appreciate.

Nelly Furtado's next album -- Mi Plan -- is out this September, and it's her fourth album and her first album recorded entirely in Spanish. The first single is "Manos Al Aire," and it's a raw-and-real look at an attempt to stop fighting, lay down your arms and, and reclaim love before it's gone for good.

Go behind-the-scenes of Nelly Furtado's "Manos Al Aire" video shoot, and watch her shoot her new video and stay tuned for the full-length video coming soon.


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